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Configure Saga CLI

Configure sagacli

The sagacli executable communicates with our Pegasus server applications securely over HTTPS. Before you can start using sagacli, you must configure it talk to the Saga Platform Chain as well as the Saga Controller.
If you've used sagacli in the past on Cassiopeia, we recommend carefully verifying that all of the config parameters below are set correctly otherwise your CLI might fail.
Execute the following commands provided below to configure sagacli:
sagacli config network-rpc
sagacli config controller
sagacli config platform-chain-id spc-testnet-1
sagacli config denom upsaga
sagacli config broadcast-mode sync
sagacli config faucet
Ok, now that we have configured the endpoints, it's time to check if they actually work. To do that, run the following command:
sagacli status
You should see the following output:
Saga Platform Chain Controller
------------------- ----------
Online Online
IMPORTANT: If either of the two applications indicate a value of false, the configuration was not successful. Check your local network connection to ensure that you are connected to the internet, and that your firewall application isn't blocking outgoing traffic over HTTPS.

Next Steps

To launch your very first chainlet, there are a few easy steps you will need to go through. Broadly:
You can access the help for any of the commands by running sagacli [command?] [subcommand?] --help.