Chainlet Billing

Chainlet Billing Overview

Chainlets are billed at a pre-determined interval depending on the type of chainlet it is and the duration of each epoch. Typically, a chainlet would be billed each day for the resources it consumes.

As each billing cycle is processed, the funds available to the chainlet inside the escrow account get depleted. Make sure you keep your escrow account funded to prevent your chainlet from being shutdown.

A chainlet setup cost is a 1-time fee charged when the chainlet is initially launched.

An epoch cost is the amount billed at the end of each epoch. For SagaOS, the epoch is set to 1 day

As can be seen in our example listing above, we have a SetupCost of 10psaga (1 psaga = 1,000,000 upsaga) which is charged when the chainlet is launched.

We also have an EpochCost of 10psaga which is the amount billed to the chainlet each day.

All chainlets launched are charged a setup fee and a 30-day deposit of the epoch cost, which is then decremented as the chainlet gets billed each epoch.

For our example above, our chainlet launch cost would be

(SetupFee 10psaga) + (30 days * EpochCost 10psaga/day) = 310psaga.

This amount of 310psaga is charged to the chainlet launcher's wallet at chainlet launch, and deposited into the escrow account associated with the chainlet.

As the chainlet is billed each epoch, this escrow account gets depleted.

Ensure you have sufficient funds in the wallet launching the chainlet

Add funds to your chainlet at any time by depositing funds into the chainlet's escrow

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