Account Management

Accounts in SAGA are used to manage your SAGA token balance and execute various transactions to fund operations on top of the SAGA Platform. The token denom for the Saga Platform is PSAGA

Saga Web App is now online:

Testnet: Mainnet:

You will need a wallet, such as Keplr, that supports Cosmos SDK based blockchains If this is your first time using Keplr Wallet, follow this tutorial to install and start using it.

You can perform most of the account management functions using the Saga Web App.

You will use your Keplr wallet to interact with the token faucet.

Once you have set up your wallet using Keplr, you can connect your Keplr wallet to the Saga Web App.

Here, you can see your Saga key's address as well as it's balance. You can request addition tokens into your wallet by requesting a passphrase and submitting them by providing that passphrase to the Saga Web App.

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