Withdraw Funds from Escrow

Similar to adding funds to a chainlet via the Saga Web App, you can also withdraw your remaining funds from the chainlet.

At this time, you cannot partially defund a chainlet's escrow account. Currently, 100% of any remaining funds associated with your address will be refunded to you

To defund a chainlet, simply select the Defund option and click Defund Chainlet

Follow the Keplr wallet prompts to approve the transaction, and the chainlet's escrow account refunds any remaining funds associated with your address.

You can see above that the chainlet's escrow balance has decreased from 320 PSAGA to 270 PSAGA and your address has been refunded any remaining balance associated with your address.

Note: See the Funders list in the image above (bottom right). It no longer lists your address as a funder.

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