View Escrow Account Information

To view escrow account details, such as addresses of funders as well as the amount of funding provided, you need to execute the get-escrow command.

You will need the chain-id of the chainlet for which you wish to get escrow account details.

sagacli account get-escrow <chain-id>

View Escrow Example

As an example, we will get the escrow details associated with chainlet magicwarriors_1679599719-1:

$ sagacli account get-escrow magicwarriors_1679599719-1
ChainId                              TotalBalance        Funder                                          FunderDeposit
-------                              ------------        ------                                          -------------
magicwarriors_1698795593524888-1     280000000upsaga     saga1yuvju0cztlahsf6f37z9j83vwyzgj6pzhx090f     280000000.0000upsaga

Here, in the output, you can see the total balance available in escrow (these funds are available to the chainlet) as long as the deposit made by each funder.

Further Details

For more details on the get-escrow command, type

sagacli account get-escrow --help

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