Launch your Chainlet on Testnet

Prerequisites: request tokens

All chainlets launched will require a setup fee and a 30-day upfront deposit of the epoch fee

Please ensure you have sufficient funds available in the launcher's wallet to successfully launch a chainlet

See Chainlet Billing for details

Saga Web App is now online at

You will need a wallet, such as Keplr, that supports Cosmos SDK based blockchains If this is your first time using Keplr Wallet, follow this tutorial to install and start using it.

To launch a chainlet, simply click on the Launch tab on the Saga Web App.

In the example displayed in the image above, we are launching a chainlet called SagaWebAppTst. You can specify

  • Chainlet token's denom

  • Number of days of credit (note that this must be a value greater than or equal to the minimum value) you wish to add to the chainlet

  • EVM account address

  • Amount of tokens to add to the EVM account at genesis (launch of the chainlet)

To add additional EVM accounts and their associated token amount at chainlet launch, simply click the + sign next to the EVM token amount.

When you are done, simply click Launch Chainlet

You will get a prompt from the Keplr wallet to approve this transaction. Click Approve and the chainlet is launched!

Launching with Advanced Options

You can turn on advanced launch option for launching chainlet by clicking on the Settings icon on the launch chainlet screen

Simply use the toggle switch to turn on advanced launch options.

In the image above, turning on advanced launch options enables me to specify a fee return account, and also turn on/off the base gas fee switch.

In the image above, turning on the base gas fee switch enables me to specify a base gas fee value.

Below, you can see an example of a chainlet launched using these advanced options.

For more details about this feature, you can check also:

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