Restarting a Stopped Chainlet

As your chainlet runs, it is billed periodically. See the section on chainlet billing to get an understanding of how chainlets are billed, view billing history, export billing history, and other features associated with billing of chainlets.

Should your chainlet run out of funds, it will be halted and it's status will show offline.

Each chainlet launched is associated with an escrow account into which funds can be added or withdrawn by anyone, at any time. Chainlets are billed by depleting the funds deposited into this escrow account.

If your chainlet displays a status of STATUS_OFFLINE and your chainlet's escrow account has been depleted, your chainlet can be restarted by adding funds to the chainlet's escrow account.

If your chainlet has been stopped due to lack of funds, you will need to deposit 30 days worth of funds in the chainlet's escrow account to enable it to be restarted.

Once you deposit the necessary funds in the chainlet's escrow account, your chainlet should restart and show a status of STATUS_ONLINE. If you have issues restarting your chainlet, please contact us for further support.

Restarting a chainlet

Saga Web App is now online at:

Testnet: Mainnet:

You will need a wallet, such as Keplr, that supports Cosmos SDK based blockchains If this is your first time using Keplr Wallet, follow this tutorial to install and start using it.

You can easily restart a stopped chainlet from the Saga Web App as well.

In the chainlet listing above, we can see two chains that are not active, and we can also see that their escrow account balance has gone down to 0 PSAGA.

We can restart these chainlets by adding funds to their escrow account. In the example below, we will restart the chainlet called dchain.

We can specify the number of days of balance we would like to add to this chainlet.

Here, we are adding 30 days worth of funds. Simply specify the number of days, and then click Restart Chainlet.

You will be prompted via Keplr to approve this transactions. Simply click approve and your chainlet will begin to restart.

The chainlet is restarted and after a few minutes, all of its status indicators turn green.

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