Deposit Funds into Escrow

You can contribute funds towards any chainlet from the Saga Web App as long as you have the requisite funds in your wallet.

In the image below, we have a chainlet called anewchain and we would like to add funds to it's escrow account, thereby increasing the length of time the chainlet can run.

You can simply add the number of additional days you would like to fund the chainlet. The min and max buttons calculate the days of credit automatically, based on your wallet balance.

In the image above, we are adding 5 additional days to the chainlet. Simply click Fund Chainlet and follow the approval prompts from your Keplr wallet to process the funding transaction.

Transactions submitted via the Saga Web App will require approval in Keplr wallet. Simply follow the Keplr wallet prompts to approve and process the transactions.

We can see that the chainlet has been funded and it's balance has been increased to 320 PSAGA.

Note: In the image above, the Funders list (bottom right) now includes the address that added funds to the chainlet, and also reflects the stake (%) the additional funds provided to the funding address.

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