Working with Chainlet

The Pegasus Incentivized Testnet is the developer’s portal into the Saga ecosystem.

Like most smart contracting platforms, the developer deploys their compiled smart contract binary onto the Saga testnet. Once initialized, the Saga validators automatically provision a Saga dedicated chain, or chainlet, containing the smart contract.

A chainlet is literally where the rubber meets the road! It is your own dedicated blockchain with its own validator set secured by the SAGA platform main validator set. It provides dedicated blockspace for your web3 application.

There can be several different types of chainlets i.e. a pre-packaged blockchain encapsulating some custom functionality on top of an EVM. In the near future SAGA Platform will support many different types of chainlets that would deploy other execution environments like CosmWasm, Solana, Javascript, etc

Pegasus makes its own chainlet type available to developers called SagaOS. It runs an EVM compatible blockchain leveraging Cosmos SDK.

With Saga Web App you can view the types of chainlets that can be launched, launch chainlets, view all of the chainlets you have launched as well as get detailed information on each chainlet.

Additionally, each chainlet comes equipped with its own RPC endpoints to integrate with your wallet or web3 application, and a block explorer that you can use in a web browser and search for transactions, view contents of blocks and other details pertaining to the activity and state of your chainlet.

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