Account Management

Accounts in SAGA are used to manage your SAGA token balance and execute various transactions to fund operations on top of the SAGA Platform. The token denom for the Saga Platform is PSAGA

sagacli enables account management functions via the account command.

You will need an account in order to transact with the Saga Platform Chain.

To view and get help on account management functions, type

sagacli account --help

You will see the following:

Account queries and transactions subcommands

  sagacli account [command]

Available Commands:
  balance             Query the balance of an account
  deposit-escrow      Deposit amount to chainlet escrow
  get-billing-history Get chainlet billing history
  get-escrow          Get amount of chainlet escrow
  get-tokens          Get tokens from secret faucet using passphrase
  withdraw-escrow     Withdraw amount from chainlet escrow

  -h, --help   help for account

Global Flags:
      --controller string          controller grpc url (host:port) (default "")
      --from string                Name of private key used to sign (default "bogdan_local")
      --keyring-backend string     Select keyring's backend (os|file|test) (default "file")
      --ledger                     Use the connected Ledger device for signing tx
  -l, --loglevel string            commands logging level (default "info")
      --network-rpc string         <host>:<port> to tendermint rpc interface for remote chain (default "")
  -o, --output string              output type <text|json> (default "text")
      --platform-chain-id string   The SPC network chain ID (default "spc-testnet-1")

Use "sagacli account [command] --help" for more information about a command.

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