View Listing of Chainlet Types


You can view the chainlet types by using the following command:

sagacli chainlet list-types

View Listing Example

$ sagacli chainlet list-types
DisplayName     Description               Creator                                         Version     SetupCost          EpochCost
-----------     -----------               -------                                         -------     ---------          ---------
SagaOS          SagaOS Chainlet Stack     saga1yuvju0cztlahsf6f37z9j83vwyzgj6pzhx090f     0.5.17       10000000upsaga     10000000upsaga/day

Chainlet Type Versions

Every chainlet type also has an associated version. A version ultimately points to a different image of the chainlet type and encapsulates a set of features available to a launched chainlet.

Creating a different version of the chainlet type can be necessitated by many reasons, such as security patching, adding new functionality, removing redundant functionality etc.

Further Details

For additional details and options to list chainlet types, please refer to

sagacli chainlet list-types --help

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