Auto-compound your staking rewards with provides a convenient way to automating the restaking of your staking rewards on Saga, allowing you to generate compounding interest on your investments.

First of all go to

Connect your wallet (with Keplr or Leap)

After you connect your wallet, you'll notice all validators that you chose for staking (in my case the same of the Staking your Saga on Keplr section)

Choose one of validator and the click on Enable REStake to activate auto-restake for your wallet address.

Choose the maximum amount you want Auto-Restake to restake for you over time (in my example i choose unlimited) and set an expiry date for when this auto-restaking activation will automatically deactivate.

Confirm the wallet transaction to enable REStake and begin enjoying the benefits of restaking.

If everything goes correctly, you should see on the dashboard that your validator has the "green check" like this:

Note: You can return to at any time and deactivate this auto-staking function using the same wallet you used to activate it.

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