Validator Orchestration Tools

Deploying a smart contract and provisioning a Chainlet on Saga is intended to be a fully automated process. We can expect thousands of independent Chainlets to be running at the same time. This means that Saga validators will need to be able to automatically manage thousands of independent processes on their servers and keep up with resources needed to maintain them. To facilitate this orchestration, Saga will develop validator orchestration tools that will simplify the process of placement, scheduling, releasing, installing and upgrading:

  • Automatically spin up new processes and server environments for each Chainlet

  • Automatically schedule binaries to be executed based on Chainlet subscription SLAs

  • Facilitate deployment of new Chainlets on multiple compute resources

  • Monitoring tools for validators to ensure sufficient resources are available for provisioning new Chainlets

One of the more difficult tasks for validators will be predicting the required hardware necessary to service the utilization needs of all Chainlet applications. On the one hand, having too much excess compute resources is wasteful. However, not having enough resources may result in slashing due to computer SLA violations. Therefore, Saga’s validator orchestration tools will need to help validators predict when new hardware resources will be necessary.

Splitting out applications into one or more Chainlets means that composability will be more difficult to achieve on Saga. Validators will be required to relay IBC messages between any two pairs of Chainlets, including the Saga Mainnet. Our IBC will additionally be more performant, by virtue of all our Chainlets being co-located in each validators' datacenter. However, more tools and development will be needed to make the IBC user experience as seamless as possible.

Saga’s token mechanisms rely heavily on seamless cross-chain composability. Manually transferring assets between Chainlets and other Cosmos chains through IBC is a poor user experience for the end user. Ultimately, we want assets to seamlessly transfer between blockchains without the end user initiating IBC transactions. In addition to creating validator orchestration tools around IBC, Saga will work with the broader Cosmos ecosystem to augment features to automate and abstract the IBC experience away from end users.

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