Staking your Saga on Keplr

First of all you need a Keplr wallet which supports Cosmos SDK based blockchains If this is your first time using Keplr Wallet, follow this tutorial to install and start using it.

To stake your SAGA, first go to your Keplr extension and click on "Manage Portfolio in Keplr Dashboard", it should bring you to

In the Keplr dashboard you should see all the information about: Total SAGA Amount, Staking Amount, Available Balance and Claimable Rewards.

Click the Stake button as shown in the picture.

You should see a list of validators. Choose a validator by either typing the name of your desired validator into the search bar or by scrolling down the list.

If you select one of the top 10 validators, you may encounter a notice like this, don't worry, you can always choose this validator for staking. However, this notice serves as an encouragement to consider other validators for a more decentralized network.

Once you’ve selected your validator, fill out the number of $SAGA that you’d like to stake, select “Stake” once again and then approve the transaction.

If everything goes correctly, you should see your staking amount in the Staking Amount section.

Please note that staking will lock up your assets for 21 days. You will need to undelegate to make your staked assets liquid again, which also takes 21 days to complete.

Claiming Staking Rewards

To claim the reward from your staking (after it matures a little bit), click the claim button in the Claimable Rewards section (you should have some SAGA before claim for the Tx fee).

In the end, you should have your Available Balance increased by the value of your claim (and ready for a another round of stake 😉).

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