Saga Chainlets

In essence, a Saga Chainlet is a sovereign blockchain with a VM module running a single smart contract.

Because each Chainlet contains only the smart contracts a developer or team would like to deploy on a single chain, the developer has a flexible and usable development environment:

  • For the developer, the deployment of Chainlet is as easy as deploying a smart contract

  • Chainlet blockspace is not shared with any other application, leading to predictable fees

  • Saga is meant to be VM agnostic, which means developers can bring their own VM module to plug into their Chainlet. The first kind of VM Saga will support is the EVM

  • Chainlet components such as VM module, SDK and Tendermint Core can be upgraded independently from other applications and Saga Mainnet

  • Saga supports other technology stacks besides Cosmos SDK and Tendermint, including Polygon Edge

Saga enables developers to manually “shard” various workflows into multiple Chainlets to leverage horizontal scaling. Deploying a Uniswap-like AMM smart contract into its own application specific Chainlet will already offer significant scalability improvements. However, once the demand for the smart contract starts exceeding the limitations of current blockchain technology, the developer could deploy multiple instances of the same smart contract focused on particular subsets of activity. In the AMM example, the developer could deploy a smart contract instance for each asset pair. The Chainlet architecture enables near limitless scalability, as long as these Chainlets can be secured properly.

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