Requesting Tokens from Saga Faucet

To deposit funds into your default account, use the following command.

sagacli account get-tokens <faucet airdrop key>

Success! Faucet funded wallet saga1rdssl22ysxyendrkh2exw8xc7hvj8d2ju346g1. Tx: 73AC089495855F84FA29938332FBB712C358D380E0FADF6CEB8FAC2B5ECC6828

Each request for funds from the Saga Faucet deposits 350,000,000 upsaga (350 PSAGA) tokens into your account.

If you would like to request funds from the Saga Faucet and deposit them to a different account, simply pass the --address flag to the get-tokens command:

sagacli account get-tokens <passphrase> --address saga14hyhswxf0shnpzup406yvjejmfsrjnvzq897re 

Once you have successfully requested funds from the Saga Faucet, you can check your account balance to confirm you have the requested funds.

For additional help on requesting funds from the Saga Faucet, type

sagacli account get-tokens --help

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