Cassiopeia Overview

This documentation page is currently work in progress. Throughout the Cassiopeia Testnet, the Saga team will continue to revise and update the content on this page.
Cassiopeia is the first Saga Testnet, offering developers a chain-to-launch-chains with a set of supporting features and tools. We will provide more info about Cassiopeia below and then look at the Saga protocol as a whole and what Mainnet will ultimately feature. The rest of the sections included in this site are focused on how to use the Cassiopeia CLI to interact with the platform and chainlets.


Cassiopeia comes out of the box with the following components:
  • Saga Platform Chain - Decentralized blockchain tasked to coordinate orchestration and settlements among validators and users for all dedicated chains running on the Saga Platform
  • Saga Controller - Decentralized service focused on platform state management and orchestration of chainlets, RPC infrastructure and blockchain explorers.
  • SagaEVM - EVM execution environment and data availability layer that powers each chainlet deployed on top of SAGA
  • Saga Explorer - Dedicated Blockchain Explorer deployed automatically with every chainlet
  • SAGA CLI - Client interface that allows users to interact with all of the features built on top of Cassiopeia Testnet. We will be going in-depth on how to use the cli in the other sections of this website



Here are some of the main features of Cassiopeia Testnet:
  • A chain to launch other chains called Saga Platform Chain
  • Distributed set of SAGA validators deployed in separate geographic locations
  • A CLI based wallet compatible with many types of keystores, including Ledger
  • Community managed escrow accounts for funding chainlet uptimes and operations
  • On-chain billing history for each chainlet
  • Ability to perform live chainlet updates for security updates or enhanced features
  • Dedicated RPC infrastructure for each chainlet, supporting both JsonRPC and Websockets
  • Dedicated Blockchain Explorers for full visibility into blocks, transactions and on-chain assets