Get Chainlet Information

Using Saga Web App

You can get details chainlet information using the Saga Web App

On the Chainlets listing page, simply click on any chainlet to see detailed information associated with it.

Here, you can see all of the details associated with the chainlet called anewchain including it's type, launch information, RPC and websocket endpoints, the block explorer URL, chainlet's balance etc.

Using sagacli

You can get detailed information about a specific chainlet using the chainlet get command:

sagacli chainlet get <chain-id>

Get Chainlet Information Example

sagacli chainlet get jargames_1679785243507504-1
ChainId                           Name           StackName     StackVersion     Launcher                                        Mantainers                                        CurrencySymbol     Status            
-------                           ----           ---------     ------------     --------                                        ----------                                        --------------     ------            
jargames_1679785243507504-1       jargames       sagaos       1.0              saga1rdssl22ysxyendrkh2exw9zm7hvj8d2ju346g3     [saga1rdssl22ysxyendrkh2exw9zm7hvj8d2ju346g3]     jar                STATUS_ONLINE     

In the above output, you can see details like

  • Chain ID of the chainlet

  • Name of the chainlet

  • The chainlet type aka StackName

  • The version of the chainlet type aka StackVersion

  • The launcher (owner) of the chainlet

  • The currency symbol i.e. token symbol aka denom associated with the chainlet

  • The status of the chainlet. Possible values are STATUS_ONLINE (chainlet is up and running) and STATUS_OFFLINE (chainlet has been stopped)

Further Details

For further details on using the chainlet get command, refer to

sagacli chainlet get --help

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