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Get Chainlet Information


You can get detailed information about a specific chainlet using the chainlet get command:
sagacli chainlet get <chain-id>

Get Chainlet Information Example

sagacli chainlet get jargames_1679785243507504-1
ChainId Name StackName StackVersion Launcher Mantainers CurrencySymbol Status
------- ---- --------- ------------ -------- ---------- -------------- ------
jargames_1679785243507504-1 jargames sagaos 1.0 saga1rdssl22ysxyendrkh2exw9zm7hvj8d2ju346g3 [saga1rdssl22ysxyendrkh2exw9zm7hvj8d2ju346g3] jar STATUS_ONLINE
In the above output, you can see details like
  • Chain ID of the chainlet
  • Name of the chainlet
  • The chainlet type aka StackName
  • The version of the chainlet type aka StackVersion
  • The launcher (owner) of the chainlet
  • The currency symbol i.e. token symbol aka denom associated with the chainlet
  • The status of the chainlet. Possible values are STATUS_ONLINE (chainlet is up and running) and STATUS_OFFLINE (chainlet has been stopped)

Further Details

For further details on using the chainlet get command, refer to
sagacli chainlet get --help