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Update Chainlet Version

It may happen that you will need to update the chainlet stack version to include a security patch or a new feature or for any other reason. You can update a chainlet's version by using the chainlet update command.
Here is an example:
sagacli chainlet update <chain id> <version to upgrade to>

Available Versions

To view available versions for a chainlet type, simply use the sagacli chainlet list-types command:
$ sagacli chainlet list-types
DisplayName Description Creator Version SetupCost EpochCost
----------- ----------- ------- ------- --------- ---------
sagaos SagaOS Chainlet Stack saga17gk4chqd0lrkyamrxdmu62czmu0dpnemmxlymn 1.0 10tsaga 10tsaga/day
sagaos SagaOS Chainlet Latest saga17gk4chqd0lrkyamrxdmu62czmu0dpnemmxlymn 1.1 10tsaga 10tsaga/day
We can see that we have a newer version of the chainlet type sagaevm.

Update Example

To update to this newer version called "SagaEVM Chainlet Latest", we would use the following command:
$ sagacli chainlet update jargames_1679785243507504-1 1.1
You are about to sign and broadcast a transaction, with the following configurations:
* Keyname: shan
* Keyring: os
* Address: saga1rdssl22ysxyendrkh2exw9zm7hvj8d2ju346g3
* Network RPC:
* Platform chain id: spc-testnet-1
* Ledger: false
* Message Detail:
Do you want to proceed? (y/N):
2023-03-25T19:48:00-05:00 INF tx broadcasted to the remote node code=0 gas_used=62507 gas_wanted=200000 hash=B20F1BDDDCA619869F385B58977F470179C7C92EC784EE30310E1EAC739C4E90
We can see that our request was successfully submitted. Now we can check the status of our chainlet by using the chainlet list or chainlet get <chain-id> command:
$ sagacli chainlet list
ChainId Name StackName StackVersion Status EscrowBalance
------- ---- --------- ------------ ------ -------------
jargames_1679785243507504-1 jargames sagaos 1.1 Pending 280tsaga
As can be seen from the output, the chainlet's version has been upgraded to 1.1 and it is currently being upgraded (status = Pending)

Further Details

For further details and additional options on using the chainlet update command, refer to
sagacli chainlet update --help