View Listing of Chainlets Launched

Using Saga Web App

Saga Web App is now online at
You will need a wallet, such as Keplr, that supports Cosmos SDK based blockchains If this is your first time using Keplr Wallet, follow this tutorial to install and start using it.
You can get a listing of all chainlets (active or not) using the Saga Web App
In the Saga Web App, simply click the Chainlets tab button and view a listing of all chainlets
You can filter the chainlets listed by selecting Active (running), All (running or not), and My Chainlets (chainlets you have launched or have contributed funds)
All chainlets are listed. Any chainlets that are not running are shown via a red icon.

Using sagacli

You can view a listing of all chainlets that have been launched by using the list command:
sagacli chainlet list
This command lists all of the chainlets launched by the account associated with the default key.
$ sagacli chainlet list
ChainId Name StackName StackVersion Status EscrowBalance
------- ---- --------- ------------ ------ -------------
tetris_1681169675474000-1 tetris sagaos 1.0 Online 280tsaga
To view chainlets launched by another address, you can use:
sagacli chainlet list --address <keyname or address>

View Listing Example

For example, to view chainlets launched by the address associated with key mykey1, we would use
$ sagacli chainlet list --address saga1tkax73wxs047nc8kaalhfc4ar6gay2sde28crx
ChainId Name StackName StackVersion Status EscrowBalance
------- ---- --------- ------------ ------ -------------
pacman_1681169675474000-1 pacman sagaos 1.0 Online 280tsaga
In the above output, we can see that the address associated with the key mykey1 has not launched any chainlets.

Further Details

For more details on how to use the list command, refer to
sagacli chainlet list --help